Frequently Asked Questions

If you would prefer to discuss The Squirrel Backup offsite service or need any further information not covered by our FAQs then please call Squirrel Backup on 0845 6340844 (normal business hours 9.00am to 5.30pm) or email

What do you do?

Squirrel backup backs up your business critical data to an off-site storage location. Squirrel Backup is scheduled to automatically back up daily and incrementally. Squirrel scans for data to be backed up and detects any new or amended files and then backs up only the changes within these files to conserve your bandwidth. Squirrel compresses and encrypts this data and transmits it across the Internet to the squirrel server. You will then receive an email that confirms that the backup was successful.

What do you backup?

Once the backup software is installed we ask you to identify the business critical information on your system - that is the information that the company just could not exist without. This creates the backup set.

What does it cost?

From as little as £30 plus vat per month. Installation costs £150 plus vat but if you are a support customer of The Networking Company then installation is free. £30 a month gives you backup of up to 10gb of data. If you require more then please call 0845 6340844 for a quote. It's also worth highlighting that there are no software fees and upgrades are free.

How do I pay?

You will receive a monthly invoice for the service a month in advance. Payment, preferably by standing order, needs to be made by the end of the month to guarantee that the service will run. We can take payment by credit or debit card.

Do you tie me into a 12 month contract?

No - we operate on a month to month contract but will require one month's notice if you decide to cancel the service.