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Squirrel Backup Services

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The offsite online backup service that protects your business.

Automated remote online backup for UK business servers, networks, PCs and laptops using your broadband connection for complete data security.

Dont be a statistic, following fire or theft of data 70% of UK businesses cease trading!
(source: Department of Trade and Industry)

Business Health Warning. Performing regular backups is not enough. Offsite backup keeps the data safe from fire, theft, flooding, loss of power and can keep your auditors and insurance company satisfied as well. Squirrel Backup Services uses Internet technology to transmit encrypted backup data to your offsite backup server.

Backing up data to an offsite location remotely and using the Internet is now accepted as the best method to protect vital business data. No more expensive and time consuming tape backups for businesses who employ an offsite service.

From as little as £30 + vat plus installation it's a great price and service for peace of business mind.

  • Scheduled to run automatically over the internet.
  • Pre-installation assistance to create the backup set.
  • Train you in restoring your data.
  • Economical - cheaper than a tape drive.
  • Secure, all data encrypted using 128bit industry standard encryption.
  • Only you can see the data.
Squirrel Backup Services

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